Louisiana Swamp Rats/Politicians

Every four to eight years, we’re promised all we need to turn Louisiana around, is elect a new Governor, and our roads will be paved in gold, and a chicken will appear in every pot. I’ve been hearing that same song, and dance for sixty-two years of life here in Louisiana, and watched as Administrations come, and Administrations go, and all without a dimes worth of difference between them all. Truth is, it’s not the Governors that’s the problem, or the cure-all for what ales Louisiana, and it matters little whether their Democrat, or Republican. The problem in Louisiana runs much deeper than who’s residing in the Governors Mansion, and goes far beyond those who reside in the Senate, or the House. The problem lies within the grasp of the few mega wealthy families, that lurk in the shadows, that control the very heart of Louisiana Government, and have for generations. These few, but powerful, grip the stings of all who sit in the Governors chair. Major Companies refuse to locate here, because of the backroom deals, the money under the table, the generations old reputation of Louisiana corruption, and to set up shop here they’ll pay under the table, or be taxed out of business. Yet, we as voters fall for their same old shell game, smoke and mirrors parlor trick, and every four to eight years blame the failure of our State on our poor pick of a Governor, and go through the same motions, again, and again, decade, after decade, thinking we’ll get it right this time. Surely, this time we’ve picked the shell the winning Governor is under, only to realize it slipped our grasp again. Like the old saying, that “the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing, over, and over, the same way, yet expecting a different outcome”. You’d think we’d have figured this out years ago, but somehow they’ve managed to maintain their control through slight of hand, and we continue to buy into it. Sure, we’ve always known the system was rigged, but only from a distance, not knowing it’s inner workings, but did that ever change on the national level in 2016, with the appearance of a man named Donald J. Trump. President Trump, is like nothing that has ever graced the political stage, a man who against all odds, gains election to the High Office of U.S. President, and is beyond the control of the rich, and powerful, who begins to Drain the Political Swamp, and take away their generations of money, power, control, to the total dismay of the Democrats, and Republicans alike. Don’t kid yourself, he’s rocked both Parties back on their heels in D.C. and he’s going to really dismantle their playhouse if we’ll re-elect him in 2020. I, like many of you were shocked, to see a man make all of those promises of change, and then have the backbone to stand by them with all his might. It’s a shame there’s not enough President Trumps to go around, Lord knows Louisiana desperately needs one to drain the political swamp that’s sucked the life out of our Great State far to long. With any luck at all, God will Bless our Nation with a second term of the Trump Administration, anything less, and our Nation is domed. As for Louisiana, our reputation of generations of political corruption will only end when “we the people” demand real change, and realize that our problems run much deeper that the Governors Office, the State Senate, and House, and resides in the powerful, wealthy hands of a “select few” that control the strings behind the curtains of Government power. Louisiana, with her vast natural resources, oil, gas, timber, some of the richest farmland in the world, the Mighty Mississippi River running the entire length of the State, and one of the biggest Ports in the world, at the Port of New Orleans, and yet we come in dead last behind every State in America. With the God given resources we’ve been blessed with here in Louisiana, her people should be awash in riches, her children educated to the highest degrees, with the “fat-of-our-land” being the envy of the rest of America. Hopefully, there will come a man like a President Trump, with a true love for the Great State of Louisiana, and her people, with a burning desire to set a new course, heal her wounds, right her wrongs, and put our Great State up were she’s always belonged. God Bless Louisiana Just one ole cowboy’s opinion…

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